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  • My Top Albums of 2012

    In alphabetical order: Bear In Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool: Haunting love songs gloriously filtered through rave sounds. Damien Jurado – Maraqopa: Nearly sacred songs, grounded in buried rock excellence. Delicate Steve – Positive Force: Post-Ratatat with way more shredding and sunshine vibes. (more feelings here) Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan: Modern…

  • Delicate Steve

    Delicate Steve’s Positive Force album shreds!

  • Mary Poppins – Still Great for Kids

    Another originally posted at Super Secret Space Base. Recently I sat down to watch Mary Poppins with my daughter. She had really enjoyed The Sound of Music (aka the greatest musical ever made) and I thought I would subject her to some more of Julie Andrews’ singing, this time augmented with some Disney magic. I…

  • Favorite Albums of 2010

    It’s my birthday, so I’d like discuss the albums I liked last year, no matter that it’s been 2011 for over a month. 1. Beach House – Teen Dream Slow and soothing sometimes, rocking other times. Brilliant the whole way through. I have trouble talking about this record without using words like “perfect” or “absolutely…

  • Now We Can Do Stuff Again!

    I was feeling old and paralyzed last night as I drove home. It was my daughter’s second birthday (she has officially graduated from tiny baby to little person). It had been a typical case-of-the type of Monday; I was feeling ambivalent about the job that I like alright but don’t see myself doing forever. I…

  • My Favorite Albums of 2009

    I tweeted all this madness, so you have probably seen it before. But here’s all 55 (!) of my #best09 tweets rounded up. The first 10 are in order of preference, after that they’re in the order in which they were posted. For reference, the format is Band/Album//Witty review with the // link going to…

  • Twitter Review: Mythomania by Cryptacize

    Earlier this week (August 24, 2009), I was listening to music in my car on the way to work and I came across an album I had acquired but had not yet given an appropriate amount of time to. I proceeded to listen to it all day and tweet my thoughts [now annotated!]: 8:42 am…

  • Freeload Your Summer

    A roundup of great free mp3 albums, mixes and compilations. Click here.

  • Things to do, Summer 2009

    In which I discuss things that you, dear reader, should do this summer.

  • RE: Saddleback Valley News for Friday, April 24, 2009

    An open letter to the Saddleback Valley News editorial team re: the terrible job they did on Friday, April 24.