Twitter Review: Mythomania by Cryptacize

dude i think the clouds are choking that cowboy

Earlier this week (August 24, 2009), I was listening to music in my car on the way to work and I came across an album I had acquired but had not yet given an appropriate amount of time to. I proceeded to listen to it all day and tweet my thoughts [now annotated!]:

8:42 amCryptacize‘s new album finally blew my mind this morning; I think I’ll tweet about it all day.

9:45 amI think Cryptacize’s Chris Cohen could solve The Case of the Missing Les-Paulverizer. Probably got it at a yard sale.

11:25 amActually, there’s a definite Les Paul–Mary Ford interplay with Cohen’s ringing guitar sound and Nedelle‘s vocals.

12:14 pmThis is as much future music as experimentalists like Animal Collective or TVOTR or big groups like Sufjan’s or Arcade Fire.

1:01 pmCryptacize is all over last century: Les Paul’s tone, experimentalism, Monk‘s dissonance, Morricone‘s atmosphere, Punk’s energy.

2:37 pmHow Cryptacize manages to sound huge with only a power trio remains a mystery to me.

3:16 pmTail & Mane might be a perfect song. Sing-along-able, fun, catchy, unexpected. I really can’t get enough of this song.

3:48 pmGotta Get Into That Feeling should be played during the “thinking of you” montage in the live-action Legend of Zelda film.

4:41 pmConsidering how sparsely used it is here, the bass makes a pretty serious impact on this treble-heavy record.

These can all be accessed by looking at the #mythomania hashtag.

I got it from emusic, but you can get it from Amazon and Asthmatic Kitty, too. I plan on buying it on vinyl from them in the very near future.

[Here‘s a link to a Les Paul/Mary Ford song, so you can get some of what I meant. I’ve used this song on a mixtape before, so if it seems familiar, that’s why.]






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