RE: Saddleback Valley News for Friday, April 24, 2009

To: Ron Gonzales, Team Leader
Freda Freeman, Editor
Editing the Saddleback Valley News

Dear Mr. Gonzales,

In reading the Friday, April 24 edition of the Saddleback Valley News, I noticed a significant number of glaring typographical errors. I realize you have a small team and that this is a relatively minor publication, but does anyone actually proof the paper before it goes to print?

It's the Sad news.

The top of each page says SADDLEBACK VALLEY NEWS SAD. Where is the happy news, then? Perhaps it is sad because of the terrible headlines.

That Loose Free Reign, watch out for it.

“Shopping carts to loose free reign in L.F.”? Does this mean that the free reign of the shopping carts will be expanded? Loose and lose are distinct words with different definitions.

Honoring for Bettering. The new Bowling for Soup?

“Women honoring for bettering family life”? Are these women being honored, or are they honoring something else?

I'm so upset.

“Trabuco Hills upsets El Toro”? What is the cause of the upset? A sport? Some harsh words? Making faces? The only clue to the actual event being discussed in this article is a photo at the end revealing that oh, it’s tennis.

Like I said before, I realize that the Saddleback Valley News is a tiny paper with a tiny staff. I’m sure that you’re all busy with other duties and that the SBVN is only a part of your work life. But please, at least skim the headlines before you send it to print. I mean, I skimmed them and was appalled.

Thanks in advance for your polite response,

Ryan Ruppe
Concerned Lake Forest reader






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