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  • Christmas Music 2015

    I love Christmas music! Seasonal songs are my jam for four weeks out of every year, and my favorites are the weird original ones. I especially love strange Christmas music when it’s free, and this year we get bunch of good stuff: UPDATE! I found some more good stuff! The next release in the Christmas Forest series…

  • Now We Can Do Stuff Again!

    I was feeling old and paralyzed last night as I drove home. It was my daughter’s second birthday (she has officially graduated from tiny baby to little person). It had been a typical case-of-the type of Monday; I was feeling ambivalent about the job that I like alright but don’t see myself doing forever. I…

  • A Little More on the End of Dune

    I’ve been running a Dune book club over at since December, in case you didn’t know. We (and I) just finished the book this week, and I wrote a looooong recap of the last 50 pages and discussed it a bit. I had some more that I wanted to share with regards to my…

  • December 2009 Roundup

    Hey Ryan, what have you been up to lately? A bunch of stuff, actually: Dunecember I started a Dune Book Club for the months of December and January. There’s a blog, a twitter account and some other links. We’re only about 80 ages in at this point, so it is still very easy for you…

  • Viva La Revolución Digital

    I’ve never been much for 8-track tapes. I grew up listening to my parents’ records, then graduated to recordings of those records on cassettes. Eventually I was buying my own Christian music tapes and then CDs (both Christian and *gasp* non-). I amassed quite a collection of CDs in the last twelve years. Right now,…

  • Livetweeting Philip Glass + LA Philharmonic @ Hollywood Bowl

    A collection of my tweets from the Philip Glass/LA Phil Hollywood Bowl concert with slideshow and download. Link

  • Things to do, Summer 2009

    In which I discuss things that you, dear reader, should do this summer.

  • A Bloggy Update

    Here comes a big wrapup and here’s why I haven’t blogged post. Plus links to all the other places you can find me online. Stalker. (link)

  • RE: Saddleback Valley News for Friday, April 24, 2009

    An open letter to the Saddleback Valley News editorial team re: the terrible job they did on Friday, April 24.

  • We’re In This

    A recent post on the Official White House blog got me thinking that, along with me, Barack Obama is irked by mindless disagreement. Read more