A Bloggy Update

Here comes a big wrapup and here’s why I haven’t blogged post:

First off, I got a response, finally, from Saddleback Valley News:

Dear Ryan:  We’ve implemented changes over the past approximately 18 months in the ways in which we put together more than two dozen weekly newspapers and the Register.  I mentioned your concern in a meeting we had this week in which we discussed this transition and potential changes in our process. Thank you for your note.

But, as my wife reported, they haven’t fixed their depression.

Poor old SADdleback Valley News

Next, I know I haven’t blogged here for a while. Here’s other places on the Internet where I’ve been making my presence felt:

Tumblr: My Tumblr is where I put all the various ephemera I come across/up with on a daily basis. Mostly, it’s snippets of text, pictures, music streams, and links. It’s basically a reposting robot that grabs the following:
Google Reader shared items

I can post to it quickly and painlessly from my email, which is nice. You’ll notice the tab up top takes you to a less-dileneated version of the same thing. If you want to follow one feed and get the full experience of me, that’s it.

I’ve also been a little more active at (things) worth noting, a group blog that’s mostly poetry and artsy stuff. It recently relaunched with a new design and domain, courtesy of Fred, who was procrastinating.

Comics.tmwk.com is a post-it note comic that is still very much in it’s infancy. I wrote the last one.

Fat Mom to Fit Mom is the fitness/health-centric blog of my lovely wife Rossy. It’s great! There are lots of resources and smart tips here, from someone who has lost ~50 pounds in the last 6-ish months.

Last.fm is kind enough to list what I listen to on a daily basis, and it is pretty up to date. 


Besides that, I’ve been reading the Scott Pilgrim books lately. It’s a brilliant comic book perfect for people who like music, video games, fun, and hilarity. I double highly recommend it. One day maybe I’ll write a post about the series. Here’s a taste.

And I’m working on another mixtape. It’s slow going, but I recently found some old mixes. I’ll try to post one of those tonight.



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