Christmas (Tree) Time


Yesterday, Rossy, Isabella, and I went shopping for a Christmas tree. We went to Peltzer Pines in Silverado Canyon, where they actually grow the trees. We walked through a veritable forest of Christmas trees to find “the one”. Which they then cut down and brought home. It was quite a bit of fun.

I love Christmas. I love the weather, the feelings, the giving, the helping, the food, the family, the everything.

I just don’t love celebrating Christmas (at all) before Thanksgiving. It just feels wrong to me. So I specifically avoid the “Holiday Decorations” sections in stores and refuse to play any Christmas music before black Friday (seeing as it is the day after Thanksgiving).

One other thing I love about Christmas is the music. Hearing mostly the same songs, endlessly interpreted into different styles is always entertaining. It’s great to hear a new version of an old standard that tugs your heartstrings just the right way, or to hear an old version that pulls up long-forgotten memories.

I’d like to post most about my favorite Christmas albums later (let’s see if that ever happens), but TODAY’s Amazon mp3 deal of the day is Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift For You, which, from everything that I have heard, is a stone-cold classic of Christmas music. I plan on picking it up after getting home from work. Check it out: 





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