DecENDER: Week One Recap, one week late

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Um, so…yeah. Sorry about the lateness.

Ender’s Game! What a group of chapters. Card seems to have written this book with increasingly long chapters, so we get five chapters in the space of about fifty pages. We’re quickly introduced to (1) Our character, (2) his background, (3) his future, (4) his competition, and (5) his new life.

Being a kid is brutal. Ender exhibits a tactical mind right off the bat—he is willing to both know and do what needs to be done, but he is remorseful when he causes pain. It seems they are grooming him for some type of command; it’s the perfect disposition for “civilized” combat: savage but human.

Being a genius is tough, too. Ender’s clearly far beyond his launchmates when it comes to his brainpower (don’t forget that he’s a six-year-old!) but he knows when to hide it and when to let the brilliance shine through. I’m sure most of us have experienced a time where you hold back for no other reason than to keep everyone from hating you. No one wants to be the “know-it-all” and be resented by the people that you show up. Ender’s got a lock on that.

Interesting is his moral compass. Ender clearly knows what needs to be done even if what he wants is completely contrary. This is both exhibited in his putting bullies in their places as well as leaving his sister home with his sociopathic brother. His sense of duty is stronger than his will, and he seems to resent it.

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