DecENDER: Why Ender’s Game?

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Day One: Complete. Did you start Ender’s Game today? (Full disclosure: I didn’t. Maybe I’ll get to it at bedtime…) I’m pretty stoked about this book group. Please tell your friends and get them in on our club!

People have asked why I chose Ender’s Game for the December Book Club this year. I had toyed with the idea of doing the second Dune book or reading some Philip K Dick or William Gibson before I settled on Ender’s Game. The reasons I ended up choosing Ender’s Game are similar to the reasons that I chose Dune last year:

  1. It’s a science fiction classic.
  2. It’s a book that most people haven’t read or haven’t read for years.
  3. It’s easy to find.
  4. It requires little prior knowledge.
  5. It’s hugely influential.

Arguments can be made for plenty of Gibson or Dick stories for most of those points (and I am not beyond choosing, say, Neuromancer, for another book club choice), but I felt like Ender’s Game was a good populist choice. Plus, it’s a relatively easy read compared to the slog that Dune can be, and I wanted to have fun with this (and finish the book in ONE month).






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