Dunecember: Week 5 (Book 1) Roundup

How about that post last week, huh? Drew’s comparison of Paul’s upbringing with the molding of details into poured concrete was a very evocative and, I think, apt one.

This week we wrapped up the first part of Dune. There was quite a bit of action, and it was certainly thrilling. In classic unfolding drama fashion, get had a lot of questions answered and a lot of new questions come up.

We finally saw:

  • Yueh’s betrayal
  • The Duke’s death
  • Paul and Jessica’s escape
  • The Harkonnen plan
  • Jessica’s parentage

But we were presented all kinds of questions:

  • Who of the Duke’s men made it out?
  • Where will Jessica and Paul go?
  • Who will win the battle?
  • What is the true nature of Paul’s new found powers?
  • Jihad?

The question about Paul’s powers is definitely, for me, the biggest one. It seems like he is looking into the future, but not just one, predetermined future, but all possible futures, based on his choices. He can also sense the past, and read more into people than we’ve previously been informed was possible. (He determines his grandfather is Baron Harkonnen just by looking at her face–and analyzing all the facts at hand!)

I’m interested to see what you, dear readers, think about his decision with the two paths laid out for him: He mentions one involves greeting the Baron by calling him “grandfather” and the other he sees a shrine of his father’s skull and “jihad.” I have an idea of what these mean (I’ve read this before, relatively recently) but I’d really love to hear what you think.

This week, the reading schedule doubles! We’re reading about 75 pages this week–half of book 2. Reading ends with the chapter beginning “This Fremen religious adaptation…” and ending with “Even the hawks could appreciate these facts.”






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