Chili Cookoff Names

Ah, the workplace chili cookoff. It’s an easy way for everyone to get free food and to slack off in the name of competition. Ideally, chilis are named cleverly and there is a contest for best-tasting chili. Below are some names I came up with while trying to name my chili:

Weekend of Burning
Fires of Mount Doom
This Chili Might Kill You
Nuke the Fridge Chili
Beanies for Weenies
Ilihc Chili
Rocket Fuel
Can o’ Dog Food in a Crock Pot
Holy Crap
Just Eat It

Red Robot’s Human Sauce
Will Robinson’s Danger
Klingon Baby Food
Bantha Fodder
Whoop Ass
Number One Prize Winning Chili (made by the CEO’s son)
I Don’t Remember Eating That
Chiliardiac Arrest
Bacon Chili
You’ll Hate Me Later Chili
Put this in your bowl and eat it
Chili of Destruction
Mola Ram’s Hearty Chili
Crock of Sh*t
Could be worse
Joe’s Garage Chili
Punch in the Face
Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake
The Danger Zone
I made this with the leftovers I found in the breakroom fridge
Mystery Meat Chili
The Fire Theft
Dick Van Patten’s Hobo Chili for Dogs1
Nuclear Chili
Atomic Chili
Hydrogen Chili
Explosive Chili
Texas Anything2
(name of an animal) chili2,3
Way out West2
Way out Kanye2
Burns Both Ways Chili2
The Wrath of Khan
Emo Chili
Open Chili (source available at
Like Eating Glass
Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano
Party in Your Mouth
Your Mom’s Chili
Eustace’s Dragon Chili
Belloc’s Face Melter
Balrog’s Delight
Chuck Norris Oatmeal
Preparation cH
We Didn’t Start the Fire
Jonathan’s Fire*Eater
Body Thetan Chili
Curse of the Were-Rabbit4
Chili Chili Bang Bang5

1: an actual product. Not fit for human consumption.
2: Ideas suggested by Drew.
3: I thought “Armadillo Chili” would be a good one.
4: The name I used for my Vegan Chili, which lost “Best Vegetarian Chili” to a slightly spicy tomato/veggie soup. Ladies and gentlemen, chili should be thick!
5: Name stolen from another entry in my work’s chili contest (chili was mediocre).
6: Not really. 

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Chili Names are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.
If you want to name your chili one of these names and sell it, let me know!






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