A New Old Blog

So, a new blog. I’m resurrecting my old WordPress blog and coming back to blogging. Blame goes to Fred Ghansah, Andy Whitman and some of my other favorite bloggers.

I’m in this for real now, probably. I say “probably” because, well, I’ve started and abandoned a blog or two in my day. But my goal is to keep this madness regularly updated. I’ll talk about life and my family, movies and television, comic books and music, and whatever else crosses my mind.

A bit on the title: “prestige format” is a comic book term describing a type of binding. Typical issues are double-wide pages nested together and stitched (or stapled) along the spine. A Prestige Format book is cut and glued with a wraparound cover (known as “perfect binding”) and looks like a little mini graphic novel.






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