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  • Summerween 2018

    Summerween 2018

    A mix for the June/July gloom and the Southern California Beach Goth in all of our hearts. It’s been cloudy every morning since June started, and a lot of the days, the clouds haven’t burnt off. The days have been long and bummers have abounded, so I wanted to make a mix that reflected that…

  • Ryan’s Playlist Picks 🌤 28 June 2017

    A lot of the time I listen to music in my car, I just shuffle my entire library and see what comes up. I like the idea of just having what is essentially a Ryan radio station, made up of just music I’ve added to my library. That said, I’ve always been a bit paranoid…

  • Impossible Pop 2010

    It’s 2011 and I’d like to talk (some more) about my favorite music from 2010. Last year was possibly the year I followed music the closest. I used my emusic subscription to the fullest and I was keeping up on all the big trends. Honestly, it was kinda overwhelming. I don’t plan to follow music…

  • C90 Christmas: Eve & Morn

    I put together a Christmas mixtape for you. It’s two sides of a 90 minute cassette. (The cassette ended up being a little longer than 90 minutes, actually. Lucky me.) One side is for Christmas evening and the other is for Christmas morning, but you can really play them any time you’d like. There’s a…

  • December 2009 Roundup

    Hey Ryan, what have you been up to lately? A bunch of stuff, actually: Dunecember I started a Dune Book Club for the months of December and January. There’s a blog, a twitter account and some other links. We’re only about 80 ages in at this point, so it is still very easy for you…

  • Caniculae

    Here is a short mixtape that I whipped up while wrapping up the first Scholastics + Moon Cities collaborative mixtape. “Caniculae” is a Latin equivalent of the “dog days” of summer, which have passed but seem to be lingering out here. All of these songs are from this last year except for the first track,…

  • U Still Rock – A May 2009 Mixtape

    The theme for this mixtape is difficult to articulate but pretty simple to recognize, I think. It has something to do with the combination of rocksteady and dub (no reggae) with pop. But there’s more to it than that, I think. Uh, so think of this as a solid, nearly hour-long jam. Read more

  • Golden Hurricane Mixtape

    This is an old mixtape. My best guess is that it’s from spring 2005, though it may be older than that. Enjoy. link

  • Cold Fuzz: March/April Mixtape

    Here, finally is the new mixtape.

  • January Super-Mixtape!

    Here’s my January (and a little February) 2009 mixtape. This mixtape fell together mostly through shuffle on my iPhone, and didn’t take me as long to make as last month’s. I am already working on next month’s, so it looks like I might be able to churn these out monthly like I hoped! Link