Ryan’s Music Picks 🎛 November 2018

Here’s some new stuff. A lot of it is pretty mellow. Expect a Christmassy one of these soon.

Also, I started a new podcast where my friend Alan and I talk about comics. Check it out at youshouldreadthis.club

Lullatone – Thinking about Thursdays (Bandcamp)
Fifty-two charming soundtracks of tiny moments.

Shinichi Atobe – Heat (Spotify)
Driving, squelchy beats dusted with ethereal noise. Perfect listening when working on The Cyber.

Soda Plains – Reconcile (Bandcamp)
Twenty-four minutes of killer dystopian instrumental future bass.

Anthony Naples – Take Me With You (Bandcamp)
An album of instrumental electronic grooves that’s both warm and chill simultaneously. A salve in a hectic season.

[The User] – Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers #2 (Spotify)
It’s literally recordings of a dot matrix printer that’s printing the titles of the songs. Hits on 3 levels: nostalgia factor, weird glitch, and technological ASMR.

Moon Racer – Is It Really a Secret? (Bandcamp)
Fuzzy, intimate homemade sad songs that sparkle like nobody’s business. Enrapturing.

Beta Librae – Subspecies (Bandcamp)
Squelchy hypnotic beats that traverse a transdimensional line between dub and drum-n-bass.

Mondo Lava – Ogre Heights (Bandcamp)
The soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic tiki bar on the moon.

Ghost Cop – One Weird Trick (Bandcamp)
Dark vaporwave pop that’s rooted in 80s cop movie soundtracks.

Africa – Songs from “Lil Brown” (Spotify)
Forgotten psychedelic grooves from 1960s doo-wop musicians in 60s LA. Totally killer.