Ryan’s Music Picks ☁️ June 2018

June’s Ryan’s Music Picks is a little thin. I took some time off twitter for my own mental health and that bled over into me not posting albums on twitter. On the upside, I made you a Southern California Goth mix!

Ghost – Prequelle (Spotify)
The psuedonymous phenomenon continues to chronicle metal’s history with a collection of heavy sabbath-y tracks and some incredible instrumental interludes featuring tons of synth and saxophone!

Bernie Worrell – Blacktronic Science (Bandcamp)
Unstoppable jams from the Funkadelic keyboardist that range from solid throwback to startlingly fresh for an album from 1993.

Stubbs the Zombie Soundtrack (Spotify)
The fun and rewarding soundtrack of a somewhat-forgotten video game that features 00s indie all-stars (Death Cab, The Raveonnettes, and Cake?!) covering classic 50s and 60s bubblegum hits. Too good to be forgotten.

Neko Case – Hell-On (Bandcamp)
Neko Case is mad, and she brought along some friends to tell us exactly how mad and why and to also remind us all that she’s one of the best songwriters working today.

Long Distance Poison – Knock Magh (Bandcamp)
Post-apocalyptic drone and noise that is less an assault on your ears and more of a companion as you try to make it to the next step in your urban quest.

Glissandro 70 – Glissandro 70 (Bandcamp)
Sandro Perri and Craig Dunsmuir get together and let their musical ids run free, birthing hypnagogic chants and gently constructed acoustic dub. A hidden gem.

Angels of Light – We Are Him (Bandcamp)
Michael Jira from Swans teams up with an early-in-their-career Akron/Family to take goth rock as close to black metal as you can on sheer attitude and shredding alone.

Clara Warnaar – Hollow Siren (Bandcamp)
Four tracks of immersive, human noise that sound like what you’d pick up from a microphone on the outside of a time machine.

Gui Boratto – Pentagram (Bandcamp)
Kaleidoscopic, pastoral acid house that channels a lot of Tears for Fears this time around, especially by adding huge pop-song choruses.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bon Voyage (Bandcamp)
A psychedelic journey that covers 60s ye-ye, 90s shibuya-kei, 00s sampledelia, and twenty-teens nü-gaze on the way to totally transcend genre.






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