Ryan’s Music Picks 💎 27 July 2017

I’m way behind. This list was compiled about a week and a half after my last proper music picks email/post. This might be a more slapdash post; I’m aiming for one-sentence album descriptions. I’m trying to exorcise this albums from my mental backlog. A lot of music has come out since I put this group of albums together–I have two other lists sitting, waiting to be written up as well. Hopefully they get out faster than this one did.

Steven Universe, Vol. 1 (Apple Music, Spotify)
Not only is it the best animated show ever, but it’s produced at least 8 songs which I require for sustained living.

Jay Som – Everybody Works (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
This is just so good, there’s so many excellent moments in this delightfully surprising album.

Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up (Apple Music, Spotify)
I’m a huge fan of Fleet Foxes and I’m not yet convinced of this album’s greatness, but to be honest I haven’t listened to it in a cabin in the woods either.

James Irwin – Shabbytown (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
Some dang songs that just decide to plant themselves inside of you while you are distracted by the fantastic production.

The Drums – Abysmal Thoughts (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
Another member of the secret Joy Electric cabal, Johnny Pierce really excells at songs that sound upbeat and positive until you really dig into the lyrical content.

Marty Robbins – Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
Cowboy songs, man. They’re coming back. Thanks to Jason Opus for the heads up on this gem.

Eamon Fogerty – Progressive Bedroom (Bandcamp)
At some point, people decided that jazzy, overly complex light rock sound that Steely Dan pioneered needed to be updated with 2017 sounds. Turns out they were right.

Amber Coffman – City of No Reply (Apple Music, Spotify)
THE VOICE from Dirty Projectors venturing out on her own and bringing pop to the forefront without losing the weirdness.

WHY? – Moh Lhean (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
WHY? has always tugged heartstrings but now they add some space and weave a web. I’d lost track of WHY? and I’m glad to have found them again.

Marnie – Strange Words and Weird Wars (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
She’s the voice you remember from Ladytron, sticking with synths but sounding fresh and killer.

Michael Nau – Some Twist (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
Throwback hazy laidback singer-songwriter fare, like something that should be played through carpeted speakers in a hotel lounge.

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Nightclub Nirvana (Apple Music, Spotify)
Lo-Fi-Fnk started out on the same path as Hot Chip and then diverged towards dancefloor pop and never looked back.

Oceanator – Oceanator (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
Guitar-led rock that keeps things interesting and gives you feelings.

∆aimon – Amen EP (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
Electro-goth that crushes you with beats.

Toro y Moi – Causers of This (Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp)
Can you call a seven-year-old album a classic? This album makes the case for “yes”.






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