On Book Clubs

For four years running now, I’ve hosted an internet-based Science Fiction/Fantasy book club. Mostly inspired by how much I enjoyed reading Infinite Jest with most of the Internet, It’s never been that wildly successful, but it has been fun.

I think I started the book club, and keep doing it, to make personal connections with other book nerds. I tend to get along well with bookish people, particularly those who like SF/F genre works. And there’s always a book I’d like to read or read again, and I always discover others in the same boat. I like to encourage people to stretch themselves and do something they don’t often do–or something they wish they did more–and see results. It’s likely this same reason that my wife is a fitness coach. It’s also been a way to reconnect with my spread-throughout-the-country, wildly-differing-stages-of-life friends from college. And it’s a project. It’s something I can point to at the end of the year and say “look! I did this thing!”

I’ve collected my previous book club posts on this blog, mostly as a way to just archive my own writing (and because I stopped paying for the domain of Dunecember, so I didn’t have a place for that stuff)

This month is a slight departure: fantasy rather than science fiction. We’re reading The Hobbit in anticipation of the film coming out. I’ll be writing about it on the December Adventure tumblr, with posts also on twitter and facebook. Join in! It’s only 10 pages a day!







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