Stolen from Schoolchildren

“How to de a sea otter”

  1. Live up to twenty years old.
  2. Stay away from oil spills.
  3. Stay on the coast of califoria.
  4. Don’t eat too many purple sea archins.
  5. Be a single pup and (stay) on your moms chest for a fuw months.
  6. Help the kelp beds by eating sea urchins.
  7. Stay the size of a large dog.
  8. use a rock to get your food.
  9. Have the tickest fur in the animal kingdom.
  10. Don’t become extincknt.
  11. Sleep wrapped up in kelp.
  12. Stay under water for 4t5 minits.
  13. Don’t give up or loose your hapitat.
  14. Don’t have a layer of bluber.
  15. Star worm by your fur.
  16. Swin on your back.

*spelling and other errors left in. List found in elementary school computer lab.






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