Christmas Music 2014

It’s the week of Christmas, which means it’s time for wall-to-wall Christmas music at my household. But Sinatra, Ella and Phil Spector’s Christmas Gift for You can only get you so far. Here’s a round up of the best weird Christmas stuff:

Tape Deck the Halls

Chill Mega Chill records has a good Christmas tape-label compilation out this year. Get it free on bandcamp.

A Very Christmas

I made a mixtape of Christmas music last year that includes zero songs you have heard. Get it here.

I also threw together a Side A/Side B style Christmas compilation a few years ago. It has a lot more traditional music. Get that here.

My old free music blog, Melodic Expectation, has a ton of free Christmas music.

January Super-Mixtape!

Here’s my January (and a little February) 2009 mixtape. This mixtape fell together mostly through shuffle on my iPhone, and didn’t take me as long to make as last month’s. I am already working on next month’s, so it looks like I might be able to churn these out monthly like I hoped!

Watch out! This mixtape veers a little more toward “difficult” music–some more glitchy, ambient, noisy, non-English, or otherwise odd sounds. There’s a few (hard-to-distinguish) “bad words” and towards the end, it gets kinda brütal.

The tracklist is embedded in the lyrics field of the mp3 and I’ve got an annotated tracklist after the jump.


Right Click + Save As to download

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A Year-End Mixtape

As promised at the bottom of my first Albums of the Year post, I have finally completed a mixtape with [mostly] 2008 tracks. (I added one not realizing it was from 2006, but it fit too well to be excised.) I really like the tracklist, but the transitions between songs can be a little rough. I would have taken more time to iron things out, but then this might not ever get posted.


Right-Click and Save As to download

Download it here, or stream it. It’s about an hour long and about 100mb. The image above is the “album” art for the mix–a picture of my adorable daughter and my lovely wife taken while we shopped for a Christmas tree (original image here). The font is Anivers. MOON CITIES is my musical alter ego. The tracklist is below the jump and in the ‘lyrics’ portion of the id3 tag, but I highly recommend that you listen to the mixtape before looking at the tracklist because surprises are fun.

If you’re a rights holder to any of the music contained in the mixtape and would like me to take it down, please let me know.

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