Albums of the Year 2008 Followup

Looking back at my several-days-old 2008 AOTY list, I screwed up. A bunch of really good albums failed to place on my list. Not because I didn’t like them as much, but because I forgot about them. Lame.

So, without further ado:

2008 Albums that Should Have Been on My List

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Albums of the Year 2008

Top 20-ish, in order from the Top:
(links take you to full album streams, mostly. In absence of lala streams, links go to other streams or a DRM-free mp3 store)

  1. Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes / Sun Giant EP
  2. TV on the RadioDear Science
  3. WalkmenYou & Me
  4. Cut CopyIn Ghost Colours
  5. School of Seven BellsAlpinism

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