Station ID: January 2015 Edition


Hi, I’m Ryan.

I’m on twitter and instagram.

I have a wordpress blog and a tumblr where I talk music and comics.

I do some podcasts:

For a few years, I wrote reviews of free music at Melodic Expectation. Go there to find free music.

On Book Clubs

For four years running now, I’ve hosted an internet-based Science Fiction/Fantasy book club. Mostly inspired by how much I enjoyed reading Infinite Jest with most of the Internet, It’s never been that wildly successful, but it has been fun.

I think I started the book club, and keep doing it, to make personal connections with other book nerds. I tend to get along well with bookish people, particularly those who like SF/F genre works. And there’s always a book I’d like to read or read again, and I always discover others in the same boat. I like to encourage people to stretch themselves and do something they don’t often do–or something they wish they did more–and see results. It’s likely this same reason that my wife is a fitness coach. It’s also been a way to reconnect with my spread-throughout-the-country, wildly-differing-stages-of-life friends from college. And it’s a project. It’s something I can point to at the end of the year and say “look! I did this thing!”

I’ve collected my previous book club posts on this blog, mostly as a way to just archive my own writing (and because I stopped paying for the domain of Dunecember, so I didn’t have a place for that stuff)

This month is a slight departure: fantasy rather than science fiction. We’re reading The Hobbit in anticipation of the film coming out. I’ll be writing about it on the December Adventure tumblr, with posts also on twitter and facebook. Join in! It’s only 10 pages a day!

December 2009 Roundup

Hey Ryan, what have you been up to lately?

A bunch of stuff, actually:


I started a Dune Book Club for the months of December and January. There’s a blog, a twitter account and some other links. We’re only about 80 ages in at this point, so it is still very easy for you to join.


I did another combo mixtape with my good friend Fred. It’s called the Elephant Gambit. Go here to download it and read our commentary.

Top Ten 2009 albums to play for your parents

The first part of my year-end music roundup is up at Super Secret Space Base here. The second part will be a Favorite Albums of 2009 post here and maybe somethin’ crazy on Twitter.

As always, I’m a twitter addict, though I do keep pretty well-supplied with links.

A Bloggy Update

Here comes a big wrapup and here’s why I haven’t blogged post:

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New Year’s Resolutions Pt. 2 (stuff I wanna do)

Yesterday I got the mundane stuff out of the way. Lose weight, eat right, get organized. Now I want to talk about things that I have been wanting to do for a while that I am now deciding to actually do consistently. Here goes:

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A New Old Blog

So, a new blog. I’m resurrecting my old WordPress blog and coming back to blogging. Blame goes to Fred Ghansah, Andy Whitman and some of my other favorite bloggers.

I’m in this for real now, probably. I say “probably” because, well, I’ve started and abandoned a blog or two in my day. But my goal is to keep this madness regularly updated. I’ll talk about life and my family, movies and television, comic books and music, and whatever else crosses my mind.

A bit on the title: “prestige format” is a comic book term describing a type of binding. Typical issues are double-wide pages nested together and stitched (or stapled) along the spine. A Prestige Format book is cut and glued with a wraparound cover (known as “perfect binding”) and looks like a little mini graphic novel.


Might as well start this out with a wonderfully self-referential post.

Welcome to my new blog. I have others. Some are part of social networking schemes, others are disembodied collections of texts and flickr links floating in the [tubes – ether – blogosphere]. But this one is different. It is to serve as a place to fulfill all of my salient writing needs. We’ll see how quickly that falls apart and this is abandoned.

It is worth noting that I have not once ‘blogged’ on myspace. Thank you.